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Principal Message

Welcome back all returning students and new students; we are excited for another year of learning, growing and development!  We are so glad that you chose the Siksika Nation High School as your school!

Oki, nitaniko Matoomohsaipasskaakii nitomohtoto Siksika. My name is Gaylene Rose Weasel Child my Blackfoot name is She Who Dances Out First.  I am the new Siksika Nation High School Principal.  I have been working in education for over 20 years, with experience in all levels of education. 

My passion has always been to help build up our future leaders through quality education and positive self-esteem.  This year I look forward to working with all our students and their families.  We are working to increase the learning levels and experiences of all our students. As Siksika Nation members, we will be celebrating the Siksika ways of knowing and incorporating them in the classroom teachings.  As we move forward in the school year we will communicate any changes and new programs with the students and their families.

Our goal at the Siksika Nation High School (SNHS) is to empower students with a quality education through individualized programming that promotes Siksika culture, productive, responsible citizenship and a life – long learning experience.  Our vision is to empower students through Inclusive Education & Siksika Values.

All staff strive to access a variety of resources, activities and experiences for all of our students. The SNHS staff are dedicated, highly-skilled educators who endeavour to give your children the best educational journey possible. 

As parents and guardians of the students at our school, your efforts are very important in setting up an environment in which your children can develop their talents.  We thank you for your ongoing support in your children’s success.

If you have any questions, concerns or just want to have a conversation, please feel free to contact me at (403) 734 – 5400 or via email at weaselchildg@siksikaboardofeducation.com.  Thank you and have a great month!

Gaylene Weasel Child 

SNHS Principal

Grad 2019

Siksika Nation High School Graduating class of 2019