Junior High School Courses

Core subjects: Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science, PLS, Physical Education, Siksika Language.

Option Classes: Home Economics, Info Pro, Cultural Arts, Drama, Art, Music.

Each grade level in split into multiple classes to help keep class sizes low, allowing for more one on one assistance. Individualized program plans are developed for those learners who are gifted or require extra assistance.

Senior High School Courses

Academic & Certification Courses: English, Math, Science, Biology, ChemistryCalm, Social Studies, Siksika Language.

CTS Courses & Other: Physical Education. Cultural Arts, Drama, Food Studies, Fashion Studies, Building Construction, Cosmetology, Information Processing, Legal Studies, Recreation Leadership, Aboriginal Studies, Guitar, Work Exp., Special Projects, Environmental Studies, Tourism, Leadership, Cultural Arts.

Accommodation: Na’tosi Learning Centre (NLC), E-Learning (Academic), F.N.S.S.P, Diploma Prep and Behaviour Modification Class.