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Siksika Nation High School

serving both junior & senior

school students

in Siksika.

Siksika Nation High School opened its doors in 1997 and serves both junior and senior high students.

The Siksika Nation High School (SNHS) is a Junior and Senior High School for grades 7 – 12, including the Natosi Learning Center for our gifted students. SNHS offers a variety of academic and option courses each term.

All staff incorporates Siksika Ways of Knowing and Indigenous Knowledge into the courses to enhance traditional teachings and understanding with the students. Cultural activities and elders are an integral part of SNHS.

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Learning to navigate environments has always been a key part of a Ed.

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Ed education, whether the challenge whether the challenge is physical.

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Our News & Events

SNHS joins #lotsofsocks campaign for World Down Syndrome Day

Students and staff at Siksika Nation High School joined the social media campaign #lotsofsocks which calls for people to wear…

New Siksika Board of Education Superintendent

Siksika Board of Education is pleased to announce the hiring of our new superintendent, Isstoi’soowa (Winter Count Coup), Christopher Scout.…

Junior High Grade 7-9

This is a time focused on developing a student’s cognitive, memory, and information processing skills in preparation for high school.

Senior High Grade 10-12

We offer accredited Alberta Education high-school courses and flexible learning options to to gain a high school diploma.

Natosi Learning Center

The Natosi Learning Centre was created to support students in the area of...

Siksika Culture and Language

The Siksika Language and Culture program was created to teach students.

Siksika Nation High School
Address: P.O. Box 1220 Siksika, AB T0J 3W0
Phone: 403 734 5400
Fax: 403 734 5434

"Positive reinforcement for a student who wants to learn the Siksika culture and language..."

James Smith, former student

Student Registration Form

It must be completed by the legal guardian / parents for students registering in a school (K-12) with the Siksika Board of Education. Download a copy of the registration form and print.

Steps to Register:
- Download a copy of the form.
- Complete the Student Registration Form. Print. Sign.
- Bring the completed registration form, your child’s proof of age (status card) and legal name (birth certificate or passport).

For more information contact the school directly or SBE at 403 734 4028.

Siksika Nation High School

Fun facts

35+, full and part-time
198, full and part-time 909px
Student participation rate: 82%
198, full and part-time 829px
Performances: 67
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